A Yearning For Japan

In the handful of countries I've flown out to and visited, Japan has left an indelible impression of my travels. As much as I have plans to see much of the world, I foresee many returns to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Our latest Instagram posts made me miss my previous trip, almost in a homesick fashion. Outside the incredible sights and lifestyles, what I miss the most is definitely the food (sorry, no foodie pics). To say any cultural cuisine is best from its origin is practically a given, but in regards to Japan, it's almost an understatement. The approach to preparation and service of food is along the lines of perfection. I've learned that the term kaizen, a "continual improvement" or "change for better," is not only apparent in the food but in all aspects of Japanese life.

Fashion and trends are also huge in a Japan. So in our next trip to Japan, I hope to bring a sense of kaizen to JETCET and boost our aesthetics to a higher level of quality and style.

There are plenty of Instagram-worthy moments wherever you travel, but you should always see the sights with your own eyes and really appreciate the moment. Until that time, you can find inspiration from our own Instagram here, and continue to follow our blog for more content on our travels as well as JETCET products.

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