All-Inclusive Resorts: Why Not!?

A look of incredulousness used to instantly furrow my brow when all-inclusive resorts were mentioned as a vacation destination. Living near the beach may have been part of the reason, but “vacationing” to me has been about the adventure of traveling and not the relaxation of wasting away pool-side. So imagine my reaction when approached about using a week of my PTO days to stay at a beachside resort just south of Cancun.

For hours I scoured the internet researching “things to do in Mexico” and “benefits of all-inclusives.”  Little did I know that I had been depriving myself of the perfect setting to escape, nurture my inner adventurer and reset for the New Year.

Let me start by saying that the category is one of a kind and lives up to the TripAdvisor hype. From check-in until they dragged me to the airport, I was pampered with a plethora of international  foods, endless drinks, impeccable hospitality and endless activity options. Every morning was a different cuisine, while every night was a different country. In between, I snorkeled, swam in underground rivers, tequila tasted, climbed the ruins of Tulum, rolled cigars, made margaritas, golfed, and fully immersed myself in the Mayan culture. The six days flew by and I quickly found myself dreading the return to real life.

Mexico and the Caribbean islands are a great setting for any and everyone, but I would highly recommend enhancing the experience and treating yourself to an all-inclusive. What would I change, you ask? Adults Only. Parents with their families are great conversationalists, but I’d hazard to say they’d be more social at an adults only hotel. 


Nate P

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