Papa's Got a Brand New Bag... Logo

It's taken a long time to finally settle on a brand mark of our own. So many ideas have been thrown around with countless sketches ending up in the trash. Little did I know, inspiration came from a mistake and was developed into a happy little accident (thanks, Bob Ross). 

At the time, there was no intention of making a logo, but I was concentrating on creating background designs and patterns. My fascination with simple and modern geometric patterns took hold and I began playing with polygons to lay behind our original JETCET logo for a T-shirt. After some frustrating hours, I started drawing random shapes, a la 7-year-old me and MS Paint. Soon enough, a peculiar arrangement of triangles resembled a letter "J". Could I write out JETCET out of triangles? Surely, I had to try

Lo and behold... it didn't happen, at least not what I had in mind. I was trying too hard to make every single letter fit the triangle criteria. I was about to dump the whole idea until I noticed my "J" and "C" looked similar - just in different, rotated orientations. This is looking like it can be a branding logo, now. I knew I was onto something. After some adjustments to mirror the letters to each other and adding the right amount of "serif" to the top of the logo, I was enthralled with the look. It looked like so many things.

It looked sleek like a jet.
It looked like an anchor.
It looked like arrows pointing left and right.
It looked like an arrow pointing up.
It looked like an arrow pointing down.

Down. Right here. This is my destination. I've arrived to where I didn't know I was going to be. A fortuitous journey.

This is the new JETCET logo!
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