Taking a Shot at the Messenger

As much as we want our travels to be solely for pleasure, many do make trips for business. I've known that a messenger/laptop bag should be the next product of travel gear to tackle and bring to life. As much as I like laptop bags with a simple aesthetic, many are just slip cases and don't offer much in storage capacity for power cords, chargers, etc. And the others that do provide space turn out to be too bulky for our needs. So I set out to find a medium ground to fit a minimal style but carry all the essentials.

I started out with a batch of sketches with a certain style or design cues to figure out the overall shape and look of the bag. The tricky part was balancing form and function. What exactly do I want to carry? What do I need to carry? 

Essentially, all I really wanted at that moment was a way to carry my laptop and the unfortunate brick that is its power source, with room to carry a few more travel accouterments--all while keeping a slim profile. So I made a simple slip for the laptop with a side pocket for my power and extra charge cables. And just to try and make it look a little more professional (as far as my own sewing skills are concerned) I added some pen and card holder pockets.

After the insert was done, I added space to enclose the bag with just enough space to fit a camera and lens. Enough room to stuff a jacket in; or a couple books; or legal pads and work material; or anything else for that matter. It had adequate room--not too much that one would end up packing more into it

Overall, the first prototype is a success. Now it's time to put it to practical use and determine the pros and cons of the current design. Eventually, we hope the final product is a bag that can satisfy your needs as a traveler.

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