Limited Edition Bocca

This limited edition Bocca is our first collaborative effort to expand our brand with local talents. LA-based disc jockey DJ P-Jay, or better known as Vista Superb to his international fan base, also wanted to brand and broaden himself with an element of fun and personality. Through a variety of domestic and international gigs, P-Jay saw his music reach to different cultures. And it was through his many travels that sparked his interest in JETCET.

P-Jay saw the Bocca as the perfect bag with its many uses; as a way to pack essentials for overnight use, as a toiletries case for longer trips, camera case and more.

Using our Pack Bag as his canvas, DJ P-Jay wanted to add subtle elements of his own style to our bag's unique design. First of which was to use his Vista Superb stage name to brand the bag. Breaking down the name, Vista can mean a view or landscape, while Superb relates to outstanding or breathtaking -- all synonyms that evoke the sense of travel.

Next, P-Jay wanted to keep a sense of music to be detailed on the bag somehow, so a soundwave profile was laser engraved into the leather carry handle. And to keep from changing the overall look of our Bocca, minor details were added, of which include rose gold zippers, additional internal pockets, sleek black-on-black inner graphic.

With everything to our liking, we put our ideas into production and the bag is now available for purchase. The bag has been an overall hit, and as a special treat, we're offering a special pricing offer (Up to 45% off) only available through this link here

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Also check out DJ P-Jay here.

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